45+ Years of Manufacturing History

3 Generations of Success

About Headwind

Headwind is a manufacturer and designer specializing in a wide range of goods including drinkware, headwear, technology accessories, bags, and outdoor leisure products.

We work with leading brands, retailers, e-commerce sellers and promotional products companies.

We are based in Hong Kong and have a team of over 100 merchandisers, engineers, quality control experts and designers focused on our core manufacturing strengths.

With offices in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Myanmar, Headwind is able to provide total turnkey manufacturing solutions from concept to delivery of the final product.

Our Team

Tom Hung, Chairman

Michael Hung, CEO

Eva Yueh, General Manager

Flora Fong, Office & HR Manager

Nurun Nobi, BD Country Manager

Ice Li, Finance Manager

Minesh Pore, Chief Sales Officer

Federico Bartoli, Senior Designer

Ali Carlile, Industrial Desiger

Helena Wong, Digital Marketing Lead

Giselle Lo, Digital Strategy Lead

Sarif Hossain, BD Senior Merchandiser

Ha Hoang, VN Senior Merchandiser

Miu Ma, Account Manager

Della Au, Senior Account Manager

Virginia Lau, Division Head Account Manager

Bonnie Wong, Account Manager

Sammy Hung, Account Manager

bada Lin, Account Manager

Connie Wong, Division Head Account Manager

Alan Cho, Senior Account Manager

Mark Choi, Account Manager

Frankie Leung , Account Manager

Wai Tsang, Division Account Manager

Sharon Hui, Account Manager

Bernadette Ruivivar, PH Assistant Accountant

Wendy Chan, Operation and Logistic Supervisor

Amy Wu, Shipping Officer

Dickson Leung, Engineering and Quality Supervisor

楊毅 David Yang, Compliance And Quality Control Officer

Md. Shamsuddin Sarder, BD Compliance And Quality Control

Sun Ping, Quality Supervisor

蒋峰 Jiang Feng, QC Officer

胡輝 Hu Hui, QC Inspector

李燕長 Li Yanzhang, QC Inspector

韓燕 Han Yan, QC Inspector

屠毓卿 Tu Yu Qing, Head Of Quality Control

Brian Pemberton, Director – Business Development

Amie Chan, brand Strategy

Alexander Kristoff, Director Of Retail Sales

Our Core Values

Systematic & Organized

We believe in being organized and process-driven; and we embrace technologies that support these goals.

Team Work

We understand the importance of working across departments and cultures. We work to help our fellow employees, customers and vendors.


Our team owns all tasks given to them until completion. We do not baby-sit.

Problem Solvers

We are committed to solving problems for our customers and partners.

Life-Long Relationships

Our team is committed to developing life-long relationships with our vendors and customers. This belief-- above all others-- is what has sustained us for the past 40+ years.

Our Creative Space

Common Area

Inspired by Hong Kong style Cha chaan tengs (cafes), our office space pays homage to our home city.

Multiple Meeting Spaces

With mulitple meeting rooms in our offices, we offer a flexible work environment for our team.

Spacious Work Areas

Keeping our team happy with spacious, comfortable work areas is part of our commitment to our employees.

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